Picture of Mary

My name is Mary, and I am the person behind this website.

I am passionate about a clean house and therefore, on this site, I give great cleaning advice and honest reviews.

I believe that to achieve a clean house you need great methods and the best quality cleaning products.

Therefore, my aim is to give you an honest take of whether various services, products and methods work to give you that sparkling finish.

To help you achieve a constant state of cleanliness, I will bring you the best house cleaning tips whether your house is tiny or big.

Whether you live alone or share living space with family or friends you are looking for day-to-day cleaning or major deep cleaning such as weekly, monthly or seasonal cleaning sessions!

I believe that Housecleaningpassion will become an authority for cleanliness enthusiasts as I give you well-known tips as well as hacks that are unique.

In the same breath, I review popular cleaning brands as well as the little-known gems that I encounter to help make your cleaning process and experience more efficient and effective.

While I will provide leads and act as an affiliate for some cleaning brands, be assured that this does not influence the honesty or professionalism of my reviews.

My goal is to be as honest as possible in leading you on a cleanliness journey that will make you discover tips, techniques, services, and products that will do wonders in getting rid of the dust, dirt, and bacteria that manifest in your house.

I am also driven to clean house because I value the quality ofthe air I breathe and the environment around me.

Every time I wake up, I want to breathe in fresh air that will make me appreciate my home and get eager for what the day has in store for me.

Whenever I get back to the house, I want to come back to a cozy place that is clean and fresh and acts as my haven; the place I run to after a long day grinding or whenever I want comfort and relaxation.

A dirty house cannot provide this state of comfort and relaxation as at the back of my head lies the nagging feeling that something is wrong, the air is dusty and musty and the place a mess which consequently interferes with my unwinding process.

I, therefore, need clean living space and this site is to share my passion with others who also appreciate a clean house.