Speed Home Cleaning Tips… Five Minutes at a Time

Whether you are a busy parent or have a demanding job, keeping a clean and well-organized home can be a daunting task. In this article, you will learn several five-minute Home Cleaning Tips you can do to keep your home looking fresh and clean all the time.

You know that instant sinking sensation you feel when you walk through the front door only to find that it looks like a tornado has wreaked havoc on your home? There is a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, a layer of dust on the bookshelves that give them an unappealing tinge of gray, and enough toys scattered about that it looks as though your kids have gone mad? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.Home Cleaning Tips

Five-minute rounds of home cleaning? Sounds good!

Commercial Break Cleanup

Instead of sitting through the commercial breaks while watching your favorite TV shows, use this time to do some quick cleaning tasks. Pick up the clutter on the floor, put your dirty dishes in the sink and scrub them, or dust off that dirty bookshelf. Repeat this process with different areas of your home over and over again during each commercial break and will start to see your home become spotless once again.

Conquering Mountains of Laundry

For many people, doing laundry is torture. Once the clothes are clean, you have to fold them, match socks, and put them all away. Make the most of laundry day by organizing it in such a way that it takes less than five minutes to put away each load. Do not overstuff your washing machine with random items in an effort to get it all cleaned as quickly as possible.Basket with laundry

Try to sort your dirty laundry so that you can wash loads that get put away in specific rooms of the house.

You can sort your laundry by towels, each person, or by category and save yourself some time. Once your load is done, get it out and folded immediately to avoid having to iron out wrinkles. When clothes and linens are organized before going into the washer and dryer, it will only take a couple of minutes to fold them and put them away when the loads are done.

Kitchen and Dishes

Kitchens are easy to clean when you practice multitasking. If you waiting for food to heat in the microwave, a pot of coffee to finish brewing, or water to boil, grab a rag and start scrubbing the countertops and cupboards. You can also use the couple of minutes of idle time to unload or load your dishwasher.

If you do not finish your cleaning project on the first go around, pick up where you left off next time you are waiting for something in the kitchen to finish being prepared.


Considered to be the room of doom when it comes to cleaning, bathrooms can be tackled quickly with a well thought out plan. When you have a couple minutes of spare time, start by spraying disinfectant spray around the toilet and sprinkle cleaning powder around the bowel of the sink. Let the cleaners work their magic while you step out of the bathroom to work on other tasks.

When you return to the bathroom later, simply do a quick scrub and your bathroom will be clean as a whistle in less than five minutes. You can also do simple decluttering of bathroom counters while brushing your teeth or getting ready for the day to save yourself some more time.

Clean bathroom


A clean bedroom starts out with making sure toys, clothes, and other personal items never hit the floor or get haphazardly placed on dressers and other furniture. Get a laundry basket or hamper for each bedroom and train your family to always put their dirty clothes inside of it. Find little baskets or decorative bowls and place them on a dresser or nightstand so small items like keys, coins, and other pocket items always have a landing place.

You can also invest in plastic containers for toys so they are not just tossed into a toy box, only to be forgotten about. Once you have the right organization tools in place in the bedrooms, cleanup can be done in a snap.

A clean home is a happy home and it will cause you to have less stress in the long run. With proper planning and a few organization techniques, you can maintain your home by completing five-minute drills when you have some idle time on your hands. The end result will be a home that almost always looks its best.

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