What is The Best Vacuum Cleaner? A Complete Guide on How to Choose The Right One for Your Needs

When it is time to determine what is the best vacuum cleaner for you and your needs, a little consideration must go into the selection process. A vacuum cleaner is a big time saver around the home, but it is important to choose the right brand and the right model.

There are a number of important considerations that vacuum cleaner shoppers will need to be aware of when they start shopping for a new cleaner. Some of these considerations are financial, while others are practical.  No matter what your cleaning needs it is important to explore what you need out of a vacuum cleaner and use those needs to guide your purchasing decision.

What is The Best Vacuum Cleaner

With the number of models increasingly saturating the market every day, this guide is compiled to help you select the right model as per your preference. Whether you are dealing with a pile or a liquidy mess, here is how to pick a vacuum cleaner:


The first stage of buying a vacuum cleaner starts with determining the type of cleaning you partake in most frequently.

For instance, if you mostly use your vacuum to clean carpets or rugs, an upright and bagged vacuum cleaner would suit you best. On the other hand, if you use yours for hardwood or tiled floors, a canister would be your best bet.

There are diverse types of vacuum cleaners, but the two most common categories for home use are canisters and uprights.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are typically embedded with a revolving brush roll and may contain one or more motors to supply suction as well as power the revolving brush. Some vacuum cleaners include motors for each function; one to suction and the other to drive the spinning brush.

Upright cleaners are ideal for cleaning carpets and rugs of all kinds, whether nylon or polyester. Additionally, the rotating brush can also be used for cleaning various types of floors.  Today, upright vacuum cleaners are more versatile and powerful than ever owing to the integrated extension hoses and several onboard attachments.

Pros: Upright cleaners are generally cheap and offer a broader range of cleaning. They are perfect for deep cleaning carpets and rugs and are incredibly easy to store.

Cons: These cleaners can be quite cumbersome and tedious as you need to lift and maneuver them around. Compared to canisters, uprights produce more noise.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister cleaners are extremely versatile, and they offer outstanding cleaning performance on most types of surfaces.  Canisters are easy to handle and move about owing to the hoses and wands that make them easy to operate.

There are three main types of canister vacuums mainly:

  • Straight suction vacuum cleaner- it utilizes a floor tool and uses non-revolving brushes for cleaning.
  • Turbine floor canister- it has a rotating brush and is powered by the air pressure created by the motor.
  • Power team- uses the same technology as an upright cleaner but has a separate motor for driving the revolving brush.

Pros: canister vacuums are incredible for cleaning drapes, stairs, under furniture and carpets. They are quiet and lighter as well.

Cons:  They are harder to store because of the hose and wand mechanism.

To find out what is the best vacuum cleaner, there are some criteria to consider before making a purchase

Contemporary cleaners are available everywhere, and they have a wide array of designs, shapes, and colors.  When selecting a cleaner, your needs and the type of surfaces that you clean must be at the forefront.

The features

Vacuum cleaners come with a range of features including spinning brushes for carpets and rugs, channels for whisking away debris, and so on. The features of a cleaner are what differentiate a high-end model from a low-end one.

Features you want to look for in cleaner include suction control for cleaning drapes and upholstery, a switch that can deactivate the brush while cleaning hard floors, and a motorized brush as it cleans better than one driven and powered by suction

Bags vs. Bagless Models

Many people dislike dealing with vacuum cleaner bags, and buying all those bags can be quite costly.
Bagless vacuum cleaners help to overcome those problems, but it is important to weigh the benefits of bagless vacuums against some of their drawbacks.  For instance, bagless vacuum cleaners require the homeowner to dump the canister, and this can release dust and dirt back into the room.

Emptying a vacuum cleaner container

If you plan to get a bagless vacuum cleaner it is important to make sure the canister is emptied properly.  In some cases, bagless vacuum cleaners may also have less suction than their traditional bag counterparts.

Capacity -Size Matter

When it comes to vacuum cleaners size definitely does matter, and it is important to shop with size in mind.

A vacuums cleaner’s capacity refers to the size of the dust cup or bag. The bigger the size, the less frequently you have to change it.

If you have a large home to clean you will want to look for a full-size vacuum cleaner with plenty of attachments and swappable handles.

If you have only a small apartment you may want to look for a space-saving stick vacuum or similar unit.  In addition, you may want to invest in specialty vacuum cleaners like handheld models, car vacs and the like.


Filtration is important because it allows the cleaner to retain the fine debris, soils and dust collected.  A vacuum cleaner that does not have high levels of filtration cannot pick up the tiny elements.  People that suffer from allergies or asthma mainly require this feature.

The HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of particles, and this standard is the best for home cleaners.  Avoid purchasing cleaners labeled HEPA-like or HEPA quality as they do not share the same standard as HEPA filtration systems.

Dirty HEPA filter


You definitely want to avoid a noisy cleaner as they can be unbearable. Quiet cleaners can function at 60-75 decibels, which is the amount of noise a cleaner produces.


In regards to the performance, you should look out for ratings on airflow and sealed suction. A canister vacuum cleaner performs well with an airflow of 100 CFM or higher.

Upright cleaners can either have direct air or dirty air configurations or they can have a bypass motor that affects airflow and the sealed suction. Direct air allows the debris to pass through the motor before filtration, right before it enters the dust bag.

On the other hand, a by-pass motor allows filtered air to pass through the motor to cool it.  A high-performance upright vacuum cleaner works with an airflow of 60 CFM or greater.

Look at Reliability as Well as Price

While scoring a great deal on a vacuum cleaner is great, getting a cleaner that will last for many years is even better.  When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner it is important to consider not only price but value as well.  That means looking at the reliability ratings for each model you are considering, asking for the experience of other vacuum cleaner owners and reading up on the features and benefits of each model you are consideringPrice vs value.

When comparing brands and models it is also important not to assume that all models within a particular brand will be equally reliable and unreliable.  Factors like manufacturing method and the types of materials used can greatly influence the quality of a vacuum cleaner, so be sure to look at both the brand and the individual model when comparing reliability ratings.

A top quality vacuum cleaner can last for many years and provide trouble free service each and every time, but a poorly made model may need to be replaced after only a year or two.  It may seem that shopping on price alone is a great way to save money, but in reality, those “cheap” vacuum cleaners can end up costing you a fortune.

Choosing the greatest vacuum cleaner for your home is not always easy, but the results of your careful shopping will be more than worth the trouble. By learning what to look for and doing your homework you will be able to find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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